The Power of the Board

default monopoly thumb

Why are the Monopoly slots so damn successful? There are now more slot machines themed around this excellent property trading board game than any other brand on the planet.

Look at Cleopatra, Rainbow Riches and Reel King – they’ve all got their sequel slots, but none have the depth and range that’s been created in line with the world’s favourite board game. Why do people love the Monopoly slots so much?

One of the reasons why the Monopoly slot theme is such a winner with the punters is down to the fact that it’s a common theme that we all know. Everyone who’s anyone has played the original Monopoly board game, and as it’s entirely based around luck it’s one of those rare games that everyone feels they can win.

Slots machines are also based entirely round luck – it’s all down to what the random number generators decide your spins will be, which is a process that happens entirely without prejudice.

Another factor in the Monopoly slot success equation has to be the fact that people associated Monopoly with piles of money and making cash as you go round the board.

All the best Monopoly slots have some aspect of the board game involved in their make-up, where you can win cash for landing on any square and even get paid out for going to jail.

You can be definitely sure that the Monopoly slot machines are not going to go away. We think that IGT will only continue to release new titles at the rate of one a year for many years to come.

Will they ever manage to better the wonderful Monopoly Here & Now? Your guess is as good as mine, but if they’re left to their own devices there’s a very good chance we could see a Monopoly slot machine to rule the genre in the next few years.