New Levels on Monopoly Plus

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You’ve got to love Monopoly Plus. This is one of the very best Monopoly titles that gives you a chance to increase the feature game’s winning potential with its clever Level Up Plus technology.

What player our there doesn’t like this brilliant formula of extra cash and incentives that quickly flow your way every time you manage to muscle yourself into the bonus round.

Well, we’ve got some good news for you – the best just got better, with providers like Sky Vegas slipping another couple of levels onto the Monopoly Plus board. These are:

Mogul – This is the first level above the legendary Tycoon status. Although it will take you a lot of Monopoly money to get to this lofty position, it’s one of those levels where you just get the option to pick another one of the board game movers.

Titan – Now this is where the action really gets going. You know those two hot property squares that you activate at the Luminary level? They now become super hot properties that can help you rack up the wins with their triple paying wild action.

So there you have it. We bet this won’t be the last update we’ll ever see to the superb Monopoly Plus formula. The guys at IGT are a non stop, block rocking bunch who love to keep on coming at you with something extra and the potential for new levels and fun on Monopoly Plus is truly immense. We just can’t wait to see what they’ve got next.

At the moment it seems like we’re getting one Monopoly slot every year. When you also throw games like Monopoly On The Road and Monopoly On A Roll into the mix, there’s more Monopoly gambling action on the web than any other brand. All we can say is keep on coming back to the Monopoly slots, as you know where the fun is.