Monopoly Plus Slot

Monopoly Plus is the first game from IGT to feature their special Level Up Plus technology.

It takes an earlier iteration of the Monopoly slot series known as Monopoly – You’re In The Money, which has now been discontinued, and adds a whole lot more spice to the original formula. Like Monopoly Here & Now and Monopoly Pass Go it uses a board game bonus round, however the unique thing about this awesome title is that you can advance levels and improve on the bonus game experience.

Looks and Noise

You’ve got loads of good graphics on Monopoly Plus, which uses only Monopoly symbols on the reels, eschewing the normal poker symbols that are overused in every slot machine genre. The game is set in an Art Deco background that just stinks of opulence and old money and this theme is backed up by the soundtrack. You’ll hear big band noises and effects that could be straight from Broadway as you spin your way through your playing session.

Reel Game Business

Monopoly Plus uses a standard five reel casino slot set up. This gives players 30 fixed lines on which they can place their bets. There are a couple of special symbols, including the Mr Monopoly wild symbol that’ll help you complete those winning combinations in the usual manner, and the bonus scatter that appears on the first, middle and last reels. In addition to this there’s a Mr Monopoly reel feature where this classic character can appear after any spin and turn between one and five reels wild completely at random, turning an average spin into a very big winner.

Fantastic Features

Stop in three or more of the dice bonus scatters to find your way into the Monopoly Plus bonus game. The first thing you have to do is pick one of the activating scatters to reveal the number of dice rolls you’ll get to take on the featured Monopoly board. This will usually be two, three or four rolls, but don’t worry – you’ll get loads of chances to add to your rolls in the board games.

Board Game Business

When you get on the Monopoly board you get to roll the dice and progress round the board in the usual manner. Roll a double and you’ll get another throw of the dice, which is incredibly useful. In addition to this any property you land on will spawn a mini slot machine – and you’ll get one spin on its reels. This can win you cash and extra rolls. As a bonus, all the slots on the second side of the board have wilds, all those on the third side have 2x wilds up to the final side of the board, where the big money properties have 3x wilds, helping you score in the big money.

There are a few special squares – chance and community chest have the power to send you to other locations, or will award money or extra rolls. Free parking simply gives you an extra roll, and if you end up in jail, you’ll get three free rolls to earn a double, which not only grants your freedom, but also wins you a tasty cash prize. Go past go and earn your wages and rack in the cash. What could be simpler than a game where absolutely everything pays?

Unlockable Content

As you go round the Monopoly board certain actions will give you Monopoly Money, which is distinct from the cash you’ll win in this feature. This powers a meter that’s next to Mr Monopoly – when you fill the meter up to the brim you’ll move up a level and unlock special content in the board game bonus round. You start off as an entrepreneur and can move up all the way to become a tycoon. Some of the unlockable content on offer includes:

  • Railways: As you move up a level the railway squares on the Monopoly board become active. When you land on them they will transport you quickly to the big money areas.
  • Hot Slots: An increase in level also means that certain slots on the board will pay out more money. These are indicated by special markers – land on their property square to stand a chance of hitting the big time:
  • Extra Movers: This one’s a bit of a cosmetic improvement to the game – when you advance levels you’ll get extra movers allowing you to further personalise your trip round the Monopoly board.
  • Super Tax Relief: If you manage to get all the way to the top level then the super tax square, which is normally impotent in the feature round, become a wonderful slot machine with 4x wilds. This is the best paying mini slot in the game and can really help you hit the big time cash.

Plus Ca Change?

You might think that Monopoly Plus sounds a little complex, whilst in truth it’s a very easy game to play and understand. There are loads of features that add to the excitement at the reels and the game is a lot easier to level up than you might imagine. You can easily jump two levels in your very first time on the feature round. This is one of the few slots that have really captured the Monopoly vibe in the last couple of years and for that reason, we’re placing it up there with the absolutely wonderful Monopoly Here & Now.