Monopoly Pass Go Slot

The Monopoly with Pass Go Bonus online slot plays across five reels with what might seem like a meagre nine pay-lines spread over the fifteen stop spaces in view. Actually this low number of pay-lines puts this slot game in just the right place to fit in with the rest of the series.

If you’re looking for a more costly, high return game then perhaps you should consider the Monopoly Here and Now slot, but for those who are looking for a more instant, cost-effective, fun punt there is no better slot than the Monopoly with Pass Go Bonus machine.

Monopoly Pass Go Slot Game

Graphically, like all Monopoly slots, the Monopoly with Pass Go Bonus online slot is beautifully designed, with excellent music and reel spin animations that give an old-time ‘one arm bandit’ feel to this completely virtual game. The reel symbols are made up surprisingly of fruit symbols alongside money symbols, which act like conventional slot machine ‘bar’ symbols. There are also a few more Monopoly specific symbols, such as the Mr. Monopoly symbol that makes up the game’s wild special.

Monopoly Pass Go Bonus

There are two bonus games available on the Monopoly with Pass Go bonus online slot. The first slot game bonus is the so called Community Chest instant bonus. Simply stop in three Community Chest symbols anywhere on the last three reels and you’ll be asked to pick one of them. When you pick a symbol it’s then instantly uncovered to reveal a multiplier that’s applied to your original stake, paying a healthy slot machine win.

The second bonus game on offer from the Monopoly with Pass Go bonus online slot is the rather more fun board game bonus round. This exciting slot sub game is activated when you stop in three or more Bonus dice on any live pay-line. Pick one of the three dice to determine how many dice rolls you’ll take onto the bonus board. When you get to the Monopoly board, you start off with an award of ten and then every-time you land on a property, the game will add to this starting award. If you Pass Go once, the property values will be doubled, and if you Pass Go twice, then the property values are trebled. Everything in this slot sub game pays, with special bonuses for landing on the Free Parking spaces and the Go To Jail spaces giving you multipliers to really ramp up those slot machine winnings. When you exit the round your winnings are calculated by your original stake times the amount of awards times any multipliers you might have picked up. This truly is a slot game bonus that really puts the bonus in the slot game.

When you get three Bonus Board symbols on any pay-line on the first three reels, you get to pick one of the activating symbols, which will then in turn reveal a number of dice rolls that you’ll be taking into the Monopoly Here and Now online slot’s bonus game. The second screen is the Monopoly board with Hotels or Houses marked on it in accordance with the persistent equity you’ve won in the standard reel game. You then take your dice rolls and traverse the Monopoly board, gaining wealth for landing on squares.

Why you should play Monopoly Pass Go

The Monopoly with Pass Go bonus online slot is the ideal midrange slot for the slot game player with a limited budget. It offers the chance to really win big on the bonus game without the need for large outlay, such as with the Monopoly Here and Now slot, whilst at the same time managing to offer considerably more complexity and playing value than the Monopoly Multiplier slot. We’ve really got to take our hats off to the Monopoly slots developers as they truly have managed to hit all the switches across their fantastic range of slot games.

Monopoly Pass Go Slot Strategy