Monopoly On A Roll

Monopoly on a Roll

Monopoly On A Roll is a gambling game unlike any other. It uses the cut-down Monopoly board that’s featured in Monopoly Pass Go as a kind of gambling board that allows you to place bets on where you think your mover might land after a throw of the dice.

You can bet on individual property squares or groups of property, as well as the one off locations such as the waterworks and the electric company.Each square has different odds – as seven is the most common roll of the dice, the square associated with this number pays the lowest odds of 4 to 1. You can bet on as many squares as you like, allowing you to create your own spread betting experience around the board. You can also roll doubles then you’ll be paid out for any square you land on, and you’ll get another roll of the dice – which may allow you to reach the more far out squares on the board, such as Mayfair and Park Lane, offering odds of 40 to 1 and 35 to 1 respectively. In addition to the gambling squares there are a number of special squares that unlock bonus features.


If you manage to land on the Go square then you’ll receive a whopping 3x payout on your total stake which isn’t bad for starters. However, if you manage to roll enough doubles to pass go completely then all your subsequent prizes on the board will be doubled. This really ramps up the prize paying potential of the game and if you can make it all the way round the board, then you’re definitely going to be in line for a top reward.

Free Parking

When you hit the free parking space in Monopoly On A Roll, you’ll activate a special meter that flips between a number of different multipliers – these range from 0.1 all the way up to 3.0. When the meter stops you’re paid out a prize of the multiplier times your total stake. More often than not you’ll make money on this little bonus, so it’s worth hitting, and you get a guaranteed win here without having to actually bet any cash on this square.


Land on the chance square for a simple feature – you’ll be transported to one of the other squares on the Monopoly On A Roll board completely at random. This can be incredibly useful for reaching some of the extreme outlier squares such as Mayfair and Park Lane and can hold the key to making some of the big money on offer from this little title.

Go to Jail

If you land on the Go To Jail square, then don’t worry, this gives you a chance to rack up even more money. You get three chances to roll doubles – if you roll a double on your first try, you’ll receive a 5x multiplier on any prizes you’ve received thus far. Roll a double on your second try and you’ll get a 3x multiplier, with a double on your third try giving you a 2x multiplier. If you don’t hit a double, then you’ll just be paid out your standard award for the round.

And Finally… Spread Betting

The best way to play Monopoly On A Roll is with a spread betting strategy. Bet small amounts on the squares with high odds and large amounts on the squares with low odds – trim your wagers so that some squares pay you out a little, whilst you lose a little on other squares. This will mean that if you hit a good run where you consistently land on squares that give you good prizes, you can walk away with a good pocketful of cash.