Monopoly Megajackpots Slot

The Megajackpots series is a collection of slot machines that are based on top favourite slot machines of the moment together with a difference; they’ve got a progressive jackpot.

Just for those who are not totally familiar with slot machine lingo, a progressive jackpot is where the machine takes a little of every credit spent in it, putting this small percentage aside to form a larger jackpot that’s won once in a blue moon, bestowing the player lucky enough to hit the necessary obscure symbol combination with a massive progressive jackpot.

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Monopoly Megajackpots Slot Game
Monopoly Megajackpots is the Monopoly progressive slot game, currently doing the rounds on the online casino stage. Taking the Monopoly Pass Go Bonus slot game as the base game this fantastic slot offers you the chance to win it big with a jackpot that seeds at a phenomenal £2.5 million. This is just the starting value for the jackpot and we’ve seen it grow to almost twice as much in recent months, before being snapped up by some lucky slot game player. The game plays exactly as the Monopoly Pass Go Bonus online slot machine, with one big difference. If you hit five Megajackpots symbols on the central pay-line then you get paid the big progressive jackpot.

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Play Monopoly Megajackpots Slot
As with many of today’s progressive slot games, online or otherwise, you have to play the max bet to put yourself in with a chance of winning the big progressive jackpot. Just imagine how painful it would be if you rolled in that winning combination of five Megajackpots symbols, only to get paid the maximum normal jackpot prize from the game instead of the huge jackpot. If you’re not looking to play this game at the highest level, then the team at Monopoly Slots would recommend that you play the standard slot game, simply entitled Monopoly with Pass Go Bonus, as opposed to this Megajackpots progressive slot. Life is about taking chances, it could be your turn to spinning your way to a park lane mansion before you know it.

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