Monopoly Merchandise

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Monopoly has been around since 1933 in its current form, so let’s take a look at some of the merchandise and memorabilia that’s sprung up for you to buy in recent years.


Board Game Central is a great site that seems to have the best selection of Monopoly games on offer, from the ground-breaking Anti-Monopoly via the classic 1935 collector’s edition and this site even offers a Make-Your-Own-Opoly where you can put your own properties, commodities or even your very own friends and family up for sale.

Monopoly Tshirts

It seems that anything worth saying or shouting about these days can be put on a t-shirt. Monopoly maniacs will want to profess their love for the game with one of the great Monopoly themed T-Shirts.

Monopoly Cartoons

For those who prefer their Monopoly memorabilia to sit on the slightly more sarcastic side of the fence we’ve found this wonderful Monopoly cartoon drawing that shows Uncle Rich Pennybags begging for change with the rest of the Monopoly pieces.

Monopoly Football Club Versions

We here at are such big lovers of the UK’s FA, we couldn’t write this article without including the Monopoly variants based on some of the UK’s best known Football clubs. Naturally, we’ve given you the link to buy the game version based on England’s most popular club, Arsenal, from the Amazon website, but you can of course type the name of most premiership teams into the search bar and come up with a game for nearly all the big teams.

Monopoly Party Supplies

Finally, if you’re an avid player of the Monopoly board game then maybe you have Monopoly parties that go on for days, with people phoning in sick on a Monday morning so they can get their next fix of the property trading board game. If you want to run such a Monopoly party then why not really go to town with some Monopoly party accessories available here.