Monopoly Jackpots

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What’s the number one reason for playing the Monopoly slots? The fact that they’re good fun and great entertainment.

However, the next best reason for playing these awesome games has to be the huge range of Monopoly jackpots available from the reel play and the bonus features
There are some truly wonderful prizes on offer from all the machines in this series, giving you a chance to walk away with a fistful of cash.

Although it’s nice to see the top paying combination of symbols line up on the base-game grid, you can often walk away with much bigger prizes from the bonus games on slots like Monopoly Here & Now, Monopoly Plus and Monopoly Pass Go. These machines all have board-game based features that offer some stunning rewards. It’s always a good idea with these games to consider cashing out after a particularly fruitful session as this is usually the perfect time to capitalise on your game-play.

Without question the biggest prize on offer has to be the one from Monopoly Megajackpots. This huge progressive prize grows with every credit spent on the machine, creating an enormous jackpot of epic proportions. This game is the online successor to the legendary Monopoly Megabucks machines that you can still find to this day in Las Vegas, which make a number of lucky gamblers into millionaires on an annual basis.

Of course, you don’t always have to take you Monopoly jackpot and gamble it again. If you get a really good prize out of a game then we’d always recommend that you treat yourself by going on holiday to a tropical or an exotic destination, or buy that new coat, suit or outfit you’ve always wanted. This is the best way to experience and enjoy your winnings, as the rush of actually scoring in that big prize will only last for moments, whereas a new possession or a magic memory can be treasured for the rest of your life.